Dark Art Cafe

Why “dark art”? Why the macabre obsession or bleak worldview?

In truth, I wouldn’t say my worldview is that bleak or that I am overly obsessed with the macabre. But I do tend toward books that deal with heavy subject matter. Why? Because there is an honest wrestling with life in the pages of these books and in visual art and music along these lines. These are not works of horror but works more often concerned with redemption and perseverance than a you might at first suspect.

So I’m drawn to the gutted and burned out buildings not because they have been broken down but because they were built strong enough to still be standing in some ramshackle way. The human story behind the horror is the making of tragedy – the beginning of art-making that forces us to crawl out of our own skins and into the life of another.

This is at the root of great art that is too often written off as dark and tossed aside. These works of dark art often spark in us what it means to be human – what it means to see others as made in the image of God.

I do believe there is Light, and I believe in “clean, well-lighted places,” like cafes, books, blogs, and art galleries. After all, we need light of all kinds to help us to see our world better. You need clear vision in order to set anything right.

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  1. steph says:

    Something about all this seems to make sense with the fact that you moved to Nfld, if I may say so!

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