Interview on The 49th Shelf

Posted: June 13, 2012 in A Blessed Snarl
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Well, I am into my last month here in Deep Bay, Fogo Island. To the left you can see a snapshot of the “research” I’ve been conducting for my next novel. Trust me, there are lots of stories to go with that iceberg! While I’ve been up here, A Blessed Snarl has been released and I’ve had a chance to make a few stops on a blog book tour. First stop was the 49th Shelf. Here’s a snippet from my interview with Julie Wilson:

Julie Wilson: You’re currently on Fogo Island (off the north coast of Newfoundland) where you were one of the writers-in-residence at the Bridge Studio in Deep Bay. Can you talk about that experience?

Sam: I am finishing up my last month here in Deep Bay, working on my next novel. I’ve been here since the beginning of April and I leave the last day of June. Before I leave, though, I’m going to launchA Blessed Snarl in the Foleys’ shed in Tilting. It’s going to be wicked. Tilting is an Irish Catholic outport on the eastern lip of Fogo Island, and the Foleys’ shed looks just like how I pictured Des Wiseman’s shed in my book: a workspace renovated so it’s also a gathering place for folks in the community; a place to sit down, watch some hockey, have a few drinks, sing some songs, and tell stories. Tilting, like the rest of Fogo Island, in my mind, embodies the “blessed snarl” that is life in Newfoundland—the tangle of things Catholic and Protestant, religious and secular, traditional and modern, reserved and anarchist. Nobody tells Fogo Islanders what to do: they go their own way. They persist. I can’t think of a better place to launch the novel.

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

And to hear me reading from A Blessed Snarl, check out the MP3 at the bottom of the interview.



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