“Heart Like Feathers”: Robert Deeble’s New Album

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Dark Art Cafe


Seattle-based musician Robert Deeble’s new album “Heart Like Feathers” is coming soon and here is a taste of the musical feast to come: a video recording of the song “Eucharist.”

The album is worth the price just for this song, in my opinion. Bare-bones music, whispering vocals, and confessional lyrics make this one of those rare songs that is honest, deep, moving, and “catchy.” It begs to be replayed and replayed so that it echoes in life’s silent spaces – where words fail:

We get so close, we get estranged. We get so close…

The song speaks of estrangement, yes, but also closeness: human and spiritual. The accompanying vocals faintly echoing and harmonizing with Deeble’s make that closeness reverberate: feel more full and real. As if someone is answering the song’s prayer:

Bless me, Father, I’m a mess…

The answer is faint but it thrums beyond the song’s final cut, which returns you to your silence… but with new words to sing.

If you like what you hear and you want to know more about the album (and how you can be involved), click here.


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