Marc Seguin

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Dark Art Cafe

Marc Seguin’s paintings are among the darkest I’ve ever encountered. According to, Seguin is a Quebecois artist who shows his discomfort with our busy yet shallow postmodern present in his macabre work. Even though his paintings are often critiques (of postmodern consumerism, the papacy, the 911 terrorists, classical painting, or pornography), Seguin is also “interested in creating an open dialogue between himself and the viewers of his work.”  This open dialogue is what interests me, especially concerning the untitled piece above from his 2009 gallery.

A figure crouched over a canvas, like Jackson Pollock doing one of his famous action paintings, is dripping a thin line of black paint, all while his head is exploding with vivid smears of brightly coloured oil paint. The near-kneeling figure conducts one thin line while his mind is erupting with hundreds of thick impasto strokes. What goes on inside an artist’s head? What do they see as they are crafting the materials before them? Can a few lines in a gesture drawing evoke the movement of a body? Can a well crafted sentence signify more than mere language? I think so. Call it belief. Say that I am animating the inanimate with my own subconscious. But a painting like this speaks. And, yes, I am speaking back to it here. More than that, I feel as if I’m speaking to someone. The artist? Probably not. Then who?

Art that creates such a dialogue transcends being a mere critique because it becomes a place of encounter: more icon than portrait.

To encounter more work by Marc Seguin, visit his site at

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