Indie Band “Bass Lions”

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Dark Art Cafe

Indie Band Bass Lions jackhammer jazz, rock, and folk sounds with lyrical depth that will break you up. They’re a band you want to sit quietly with, to savour alone, replay and replay. They’re also a band you should drive three hours in rush hour traffic to go see in concert. There’s an openness to their music that begs stage time – big sound – but there is also a seductive intimacy to it that demands close listening. Rarely does a band strike the perfect harmonic between sound and what’s being said.

Here’s a lyrical sampling from their song “Like Ashes in My Mouth” : Good morning ashes in my mouth/ all the things I didn’t say/ when you were in my arms/ have all burnt down/ so I heap them on my head and hope the wind is blowing as I leave the house/ dust to dust, ashes to ashes/ this morning you were gone / You were gone and I was wrong/ to put my feelings up like little huts/ to your mountain/ the flimsy sentence structures could never hold enough/ and I doomed them all by building though I knew/ I knew that you’d erupt/ Good moring ashes in my mouth.

Like smoothe black coffee with suprizing spicinesss, this band will draw you in and open your eyes. They’re that good.

Bass Lions is Nathan Stretch, Anthony James, James Vander Zaag, Janine Smienk, and Ryan Lynch.

Check them out @ and buy their album “More Than Islands” on iTunes.


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