“Come, Thou Tortoise” by Jessica Grant

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Dark Art Cafe

Come hither, reader! Come out of your shell a bit, just a peek. A few pages, that’s all it will take. Honest. And you’ll feel this novel beckon you through the wonderfully offbeat voices of Audrey Flowers (IQ-challenged, mouse-loving, Clue-obsessed heroine) and Winnifred (cold-blooded, warm-hearted, Shakespeare-quoting tortoise). This is a hilarious novel full of quirks and whit, more-than-memorable characters, and enough love to make a one-armed man emotionally ambidextrous or a lab mouse live forever.

Jessica Grant takes us into a world where tragedy and comedy unfold on the same page, where (as Michael Winter has said of the novel), everything on the top shelf is now in the bottom drawer, and all the things you left in your backyard happen to be under your pillow. Mysteriously, this difference is all the encouragement you need to evict nonchalance from your heart. This novel seems like the family at its centre, the Flowers clan that welcomes (sometimes grudgingly) the Swiss animal care-giver named Verlaine, a mouse that can’t swim, and a chain-smoking Englishman named Toff. There is room in these pages to welcome laughter, tears, giggles, fury, and heartbreak. But Michael Winter is right: there is no room for nonchalance.

So come, thou disillusioned reader! and meet characters you will not forget and for whom you will come to feel deeply.

This is the wonder of the book for me, that Audrey Flowers makes me laugh and want to cheer, makes me shake my head and wonder wide-eyed at the simplest things in life because they are life’s greatest mysteries. Like a plane in the basement or a tortoise crossing the desert on the dash of a car, this novel is an imaginative miracle and ramps the turtle’s pace of everyday life up to 60 mph!

 Click below to hear a radio interview with Winterset award-winning author Jessica Grant on the arts broadcast “Author’s Hour”, hosted by Mike Minor on CHMR radio in St. John’s every Tuesday at 2pm (island time).


Click the following link to read an interview with Jessica Grant on the publication of Come Thou, Tortoise: http://experienceto.com/interviews/toronto-literary-scene/the-new-face-of-fiction-jessica-grant-talks-about-come-thou-tortoise/.

  1. steph says:

    I absolutely loved this book. I was so stoked for her visit here, it’s what ended up getting me the job at Greenley’s, and that’s exactly the truth!

    I posted on my blog about meeting her and also my review.

    Hmmm. I’d love to review your book, too!

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